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“The secret of getting ahead, is getting started””
- Mark Twain


Ascend Asia Opportunity Index

  • The objective is to seek long-term growth through a diversified, actively managed Portfolio, with emphasis on Asian equity markets. The equity exposure will be largely covered through single stocks selected by the Strategy Sponsor.
  • In order to exploit investment opportunities as well as to react swiftly to market events, the Strategy Sponsor may opt to diversify into other asset classes which comprise but are not limited to cash, fixed income, hedge funds, commodities, derivative and foreign exchange.


Ascend Asian Bond Index

  • The Ascend Asian Bond Index invests in bonds issued by Asian governments or corporates as well as non-Asian issuers with substantial business exposure in Asia.
  • The reference currency of the portfolio is USD.
  • The Ascend Asian Bond Index invests in USD as well as in local currency denominated bonds, Bond-ETFs, Bond Funds, Convertible Bonds, Fixed Income.
  • The Index Sponsor aims to generate a consistent and attractive risk-adjusted return, by actively managing the portfolio, allowing the portfolio manager to dynamically adjust the portfolio throughout market cycles.
  • Any dividend/coupon payments will be reinvested in the certificate, effectively achieving a compounding effect.
  • Minimal transaction fees


Ascend European Opportunity Index

  • The strategy aims to seek the best opportunities in the European equity markets.
  • The reference currency of the portfolio is EUR.
  • There is no particular constraint or concentration on sector or country allocation.
  • The selection may be made based on fundamental, quantitative or qualitative information from different sources.
  • The basket of equities may be composed as well by listed mid and small cap companies. The strategy may deviate substantially from our index of reference (MSCI Europe).


Ascend Yield Plus Index

  • This Actively Managed Certificate replicates the price movements in the Underlying and is comparable to a direct investment in the Underlying.
  • The Underlying is an actively managed index (the “Index”) which is discretionarily managed by the Index Sponsor and calculated by the Index Calculation Agent. The components of the Underlying (the “Components”) are rebalanced on a regular basis.
  • The investment objective of the Index is to steadily increase the assets under management by taking advantage of various market conditions. The investment horizon is based on structured solutions to benefit from both the market’s movements and its volatility. Macroeconomic driven asset classes like global indices, commodities and FX are the main focus of the structured solutions.
  • The Index universe consists of eligible components and may include Shares, Funds, Derivative Investment Products, Futures, Options, FX Forward, Cash Instruments as determined by the Index Sponsor.
  • The reference currency of the portfolio is EUR.


Ascend Emerging Market Bond

  • The Ascend Emerging Market Bond Index invests primarily in USD denominated emerging market corporate and government bonds with minimum 65% of to be assigned to investment grade bonds.
  • The reference currency of the portfolio is USD. Opportunistic exposure to bonds denominated in local currencies are allowed up to 20%.
  • The Portfolio Sponsor may use FX Forwards for hedging purposes. Structured Products, bond funds and bond ETFs can be used for efficient management of the Reference Portfolio.
  • The investment objective is to achieve a consistent and attractive risk-adjusted return, by actively managing the duration of the portfolio and taking advantage of the interest rates fluctuations.
  • A part of the Reference Portfolio is redeemed early semiannually, the height of the amount which is determined by the Portfolio Sponsor.