Our Methodology

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”
- Confucius

Client-centric Approach

  • We take great care to understand each client’s financial situation, lifestyle goals and risk preferences in order to tailor an investment solution that fulfills the client’s specific objectives.
  • Once proposal has been accepted, it starts the delicate phase of the implementation. It is key to adapt the decision taken with the external environment. Timing is extremely important in the implementation.
  • After implementation of the strategy, we perform rigorous monitoring and reviewing with our clients. Refinements are made to the clients’ investment strategy to reflect changes in the overall environment and the client’s evolving needs and expectations.

Investment Style

  • Core investments: Provide the foundation of each client’s investment portfolio.
  • Specific investments: Geographic and sector exposures reflect client-specific investment preferences and requirements.
  • Macro situation: Assess the “macro” environment and make adjustments to client’s portfolio.
  • Micro opportunities: Tactical adjustments to sector, currency and company exposures to enhance the overall performance of the portfolio.